Math in Minutes (At Home): Summer Program

Math in Minutes is an 8-week math summer program using an evidence-based program designed to help student enhance their math skills, build confidence, and gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts all with the live support of certified teachers. Whether you're looking to stop the summer slide or advance your student's mathematical skills, this is the perfect solution. Sign up now, to take your child's math skills to the next level. 

Math in Minutes includes: 

  • Daily Practice (20 minutes a day)
  • Group Lessons with Certified Teacher 2x a week
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Monitoring
  • Brag Tag Awards for Standard Mastery

Summer Sessions Start Every Monday June 5 - July 10.

What grade is right for your student?

  • If your goal is to help your student advance in math, register for the grade your child will be entering in the fall.
  • If your goal is to help your student catch up in math, register for the grade just completed.

Third Grade Registration

Fourth Grade Registration

Fifth Grade Registration

Sixth Grade Registration