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Group Tutoring with Math Strengths and Stretches

Group Tutoring with Math Strengths and Stretches

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Group tutoring uses IEE's Math Strengths and Stretches in partnership with Math In Minutes. Math Strengths and Stretches is designed to help students improve their math skills and build confidence in the subject based on their data from Math in Minutes.

The session uses data from the Math In Minutes PMTs to focuses on identifying each student's strengths and areas that need improvement, or "stretches," in math. Through a combination of group lessons, individualized attention, and interactive activities, students will learn new strategies, build a stronger foundation in math concepts, and develop a positive attitude towards the subject. 

Join us for Math Strengths and Stretches and start building your math skills today!

The group meets 2 times a week for 6 weeks during the Math in Minutes summer program!


Personal Tutoring and Group tutoring may require the use of virtual manipulatives as well as actual manipulatives. Once you register for the course the instruction will reach out with the list of required tools.

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Level up learning with IEE!

At IEE, we believe that every student can succeed with the right support and guidance. Through our tools, services and coaches, we provide a supportive and encouraging environment that fosters learning and helps build confidence. Work with us and see grades, test scores, and subject matter understanding improve.

  • About Our Teachers

    IEE teachers are passionate about learning and are carefully selected for their expertise and teaching abilities. They will work with you and your student to understand needs and develop a customized lesson plan that caters to strengths and weaknesses.

  • A Proven System

    Math in Mintues uses IEE's FIM (Focused Instructional Model), an evidence-based process, proven to increase students skills and understanding.

    • Evidence-based
    • Data driven
    • Certified teachers
    • Proven Results